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Veterans U.S. Military Maintenance & Home Care LLC is a professional maintenance cleaning company that focuses on employing U.S. Veterans and paying them good wages. Our Veterans have years of experience in keeping everything “Inspection Ready” in the U.S. Military. Now, they are providing this expertise to the Contractors, Facility Managers, Commercial and Residential Property Managers that require and expect superior services.

Veterans U.S. Military Maintenance & Home Care LLC encourages all businesses in the United States to participate in Honoring our U.S. Veterans for their immense valor in protecting our nation. When companies contract with Veterans U.S. Military Maintenance & Home Care LLC, they participate in thanking our Veterans for their innumerable sacrifices, made on behalf of us all.

Join us in giving our U.S .Veterans the Thank You that is most helpful. With your act of gratitude we can employ more U.S. Veterans and enable them to provide for themselves and their families.

Our Story

HirePatriots.com was launched in 2005. The founders were living next door to Camp Pendleton Marine Base. One day a Marine who had just returned home from Iraq knocked on their door. “Sir,” he said, “I just got back from deployment and found out that my wife was laid-off a couple of months before I got back home. And when I got back today I found out that our utilities were turned off. So I need to earn some extra money to make sure that we can have lights and heat before my kids go to sleep tonight. – Is there any work or repairs that I can do for you around your home or yard?”

Our founders wanted to just give the Marine the money he needed; but, he insisted on working for it. So he cleaned their house, did yardwork and fixed the carburetor on an old car they had. The Marine earned $100 that day and got his bills paid.

After that our founders created HireMarines.com to see if any other residents wanted to hire local Marines. Within a few months 10,000 residents and Marines were coming to the site every week! -- The website changed its name to HirePatriots.com when the sailors in San Diego asked if they could use the site too.

The site has been a tremendous help to active duty, Reserves and Guard since. And now it is providing a daily source of income for transitioned troops all across America. HirePatriots has helped over 500,000 US veterans find employment to date. But there is a lot more work to do. Nearly 50% of current transitioned veterans are taking more than 3 years before they find sustainable employment. This is devasting to them and their families.

Mark Baird



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